CONNECT - "Addicted to Love"



One of the biggest lessons learned in 2020 was to be connected within us and with our community at the same time we keep distanced from each other. The learning process has been intense, and we have gratefully seen how much love is felt when CONNECTED.

We stay committed to remain connecting and networking in our community and in order to provide an intense, personal and safe experience we decided to bring individual wireless technology as a medium to engage, connect and reach deeper states.

On January 27, while the Full Moon moon is in “Cancer”, people will become very sensitive and can go deeper into their inner world, which become more important than the outer.

Every participant will have access to a pair of professional wireless headphones -provided by Silent Revolution- that will connect them into a SOUND SANCTUARY MEDITATION with ELECTRONIC MYSTICAL BEATS and enhance with the percussion of sacred GONGS.
Join us on this magical FULL MOON night where Fashion will meet Spirituality at the Most magical roof top terrace. Vegan bites, Kombucha bar and parking included.

Every participant will receive an UNEDITED XYZ gift.

CONNECT - FULL MOON - Multi Sensory Experience
06:30 pm – 10:30 pm

Sound Sanctuary Gong Meditation - By Noelia Madiedo @noeliamadiedo

Electronic Sound Curation - By Naim Zarzour @naimzarzour

Pandora Star Individual Session - By Namo Sanctuary @namosanctuary

Deep Drums - By @drumbelievable

Te esperamos.